B1 House

A modern, west coast-style house located in Columbus, Ohio, the Noe Bixby residence sits high on the plunging bank of Big Walnut Creek, overlooking the lush natural scenery and the city. The apparent challenge of the 40-foot drop from the front to the back of the house becomes an opportunity for an ambitious 3,200-square-foot home stretching three stories plus a basement accessible from the outside. At the front of the property, the garage is connected to the house by a bridge, invoking the playfulness of a treehouse. On the top floor, the foyer, master suite and loft overlook the open plan below which houses the kitchen, dining and living areas. This creates a light-filled, spacious and contemporary living space. The residence is positioned to be as close to the river as possible to maximize the spectacular views and be engulfed in nature.




Columbus, Ohio