Kiesha Jones


Kiesha Jones keeps both internal and external affairs afloat as the Marketing and Business Development Manager for the LA-based, multi-faceted design studio Bittoni Architects.

Kiesha honed her organizational, communications, and management skills in previous business development and operations roles for close to a decade before joining Bittoni Architects. Kiesha fell in love with the collaborative nature of Bittoni Architects and revels in the opportunity to participate in the honest discourse on the studio floor. Proud to be a part of a diverse, tight-knit team and is dedicated to extending these values beyond internal communications and into client relationships. 

Kiesha holds a deep appreciation of design’s many manifestations within our society and culture, with a special curiosity in the power design holds in marketing. She continues to explore these disciplines in her work at Bittoni Architects, as well as in her travels to the world’s architectural marvels.