Domino: We’d Live With Strangers to Call This Cool Co-Living Space Home

Our project Melrose was exclusively featured on Domino, as a stylish alternative to urban housing.

Melrose is the first Los Angeles property operated by Common, a co-living startup with over 20 residences in seven cities. Located along Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, the bungalow-style house spans 8,800 square feet with a total of 24 bedrooms. As with all of Common’s 21 residences, the bedrooms are private, while the living and dining spaces and, in this case, a stellar roof deck with sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills are shared.

Taking a cue from the West Coast’s laidback frame of mind, Common Melrose captures the quintessence of California-cool with a communal twist. Filled with breezy artwork, leafy greenery, and modern furnishings, its ultra-chic lodging will convince even the most introverted homebody that sharing actually is caring.

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