Bittoni Architects Receives BAR Preliminary Approval and Conceptual Architectural Merit Designation for Transformative Project in Charleston, SC

Bittoni Architects is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking project, situated just behind King Street between both George and Society Streets and developed in collaboration with local architect Goff D’Antonio, has received BAR (Board of Architectural Review) Preliminary Approval and the prestigious Architectural Merit Designation as part of the BAR Conceptual Approval process.

Spanning the currently vacant parking lot just behind the bustling King Street, the project comprises two distinct buildings that redefine the urban landscape of Charleston. The mixed-use apartment building along George Street and the boutique hotel with residential condominiums along Society Street have received acclaim for their innovative design, seamlessly blending modern elements with the city’s rich historical context.

One of the project’s highlights is the preservation and thoughtful incorporation of a portion of the existing one-story historical building along Society Street. This sensitive approach to historic preservation and contemporary design played a pivotal role in securing BAR Preliminary Approval.

In addition to the architectural prowess showcased in the development, the project includes a public garden space. This verdant oasis not only provides a serene respite for residents and visitors but also serves as a versatile venue for events, seamlessly serviced by the boutique hotel.

The design of the building reflects Bittoni Architects’ signature style, characterized by clean lines, innovative use of materials, and a commitment to sustainability. Goff D’Antonio’s local expertise played a crucial role in ensuring that the project resonates with the unique charm and architectural heritage of Charleston.

“We are thrilled to unveil this landmark project in the heart of Charleston, a city renowned for its historic significance and architectural beauty. Collaborating with local architect Goff D’Antonio allowed us to infuse a deep understanding of the community into our design, resulting in a building that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings,” said Mark Bittoni, Principal Architect at Bittoni Architects.

Goff D’Antonio, with a wealth of experience in Charleston’s architectural landscape, brought an invaluable perspective to the project. “Working with Bittoni Architects has been a truly collaborative experience. Together, we have created a space that not only reflects the vibrancy of Charleston but also contributes to the ongoing narrative of this historic city,” commented Tony Giuliani, Principal at Goff D’Antonio.

The project at George and Society Streets, with its BAR Preliminary Approval and Architectural Merit Designation, stands as a model for future developments that prioritize both architectural excellence and the preservation of historical character, strategically positioned just behind the lively King Street.