Upstairs 2

Los Angeles

The priority for the remodel was, simply, how to make a small space look larger.

In order to diminish the presence of the soffit and beams dominating the ceiling, this “grid” was infilled with wooden panels; those running lengthwise cut longer to offer a directional pull towards the back wall. To correspond to the ceiling, this wall was also clad in wood panelling. A long mirror with backlighting creates the illusion of a larger space and diffused light. New light fixtures add warm accents to the room and break from the grid into the more intimate level of the diner.


Upstairs 2 function room

Contemporary atmosphere for the modern la foodie, yelper, wine enthusiasts, and newcomers

A custom hostess stand was built and moved outside of the main hall to re-locate restaurant traffic to its exterior. Neutral yet translucent curtains run the length of the restaurant to diffuse a softer light and also serve as a barrier to the previous views of the 405 freeway. The remaining material and textural improvements reflect a warmth and masculinity found in this renewed space.

On a larger spectrum, these renovations offer a more contemporary atmosphere for the modern LA foodie, Yelper, wine enthusiasts, and newcomers alike.

Upstairs 2 schematic

Upstairs 2 ceiling sketch

Upstairs 2 receiving area

Upstairs 2 bar

Upstairs 2 dining

Upstairs 2 dining and bar


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