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In the summer of 2006, Bittoni Architects was selected to undertake the PropX experiment by CityLAB at UCLA, along with over forty young professionals working in five cross-cross-disciplinary teams. The X in Proposition X stood for innovative regulation that would trigger the kind of design and development that would make LA a leader in 21st century city-making. The summer-long competition required teams to think creatively and pragmatically, at both small and extra-large scales, seeking feasible outside-the-box solutions to one of LA’s greatest challenges: how to provide more affordable, market-rate housing.

The team of five proposed to streamline the city by utilizing this waste and allowing Los Angeles to reach its fully planned potential. Unlike density transfers in which buildable square footage is bought and sold, the team proposed that the difference between the actual parcel area and the required minimum area per dwelling unit be made available to increase density on any parcel within a specified collection zone.

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