Bread of Life concept

Bread of Life

Situated in the city of Taipei, Bread of Life Ministries is a global Christian Church that continues to nearly double in size each year. Bittoni Architects was commissioned in 2009 to complete schematic design for a 5,000 seat church space to be located in the Nei-Hu district of Taipei. The design was to accommodate for additional program including but not limited to offices, classrooms, cafe and a bookstore.

The project goal is to create an icon within the city that would welcome all religions while architecturally addressing the issues of flow, density, and cultural agency of place.

The church auditorium incorporates a traditional amphitheater design, allowing the underside of the theater to operate as a major social hub to create a sense of community.

Bread of Life model

Bread of Life atrium

Bread of Life floor plan

Bread of Life building height


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