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Interior design that demands the attention of its audience. Stemming from our roots in architecture, Bittoni Interiors continues to explore a building’s potential with curiosities in material, form, and space. Through the thoughtful use of architectural detail and materiality, we design moments that inspire the senses. We create holistic expressions of what we believe architecture and design can provide to the built environment. Our role as architects and designers does not stop at the walls; it continues into the interior and the lives of its users.



Design Process
Interior Concept

Through a thorough exploration of a client’s needs, our team develops a comprehensive design narrative. We then explore the various options of spatial programming to develop the most efficient and effective use of interior space. This narrative also acts as a guide to help us develop smaller details that lead to a comprehensive project.

Architecture & Specifications

In our practice, the exterior and interior are not separate. They are closely related and need to fully communicate with one another. Through an in-depth examination of interior architectural forms and careful selection of furniture and fixtures, we give the user a deeper connection to the building. 

Color & Texture

Color and texture are important tools in developing the atmosphere and feel of a space. We continue to develop our design narrative through the study and selection of materials. Through this process, we aim to fully realize a client’s concept and give greater substance to a building. 


  • Interior Concept
  • Program & Space Planning
  • Interior Architectural Detailing & Documentation
  • Color & Material Development / Selection
  • Plumbing, Lighting, & Furniture Selection and Sourcing
  • Custom Millwork

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Interior living room


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